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New boat on the rocks

MAY 4 — A British woman who was learning to sail sank her boyfriend’s 47-foot yacht Monday after running onto rocks off Dorset, England.

The woman, who is 33 and from Wilts, was at the helm and her boyfriend, a 42-year-old merchant banker, was below deck checking the satellite navigation system at the time of the accident, news reports say. She says she is still shaken by the experience.

“I haven’t slept. I’ve been reliving the experience over and over again,” she says in a news report. “We both lost everything, including passport[s] and clothes. I don’t know if I’ll ever sail again.”

The couple jumped onto rocks after the yacht capsized, according to reports. A lifeboat crew rescued the man. A helicopter crew later rescued the woman, who was reportedly too scared to jump onto the lifeboat. It was not immediately known what caused the accident.

The woman says that although she ruined her boyfriend’s two-week-old, $450,000 yacht, he isn’t upset. “[He] isn’t angry with me; he’s not that type of guy,” she says in a report. The yacht was reportedly insured.

— Jason Fell