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New book details ship design

Although there are still practitioners of the traditional art of manual fairing of ship lines, the geometry of most hull forms ranging from small yachts to the largest commercial and naval ships are now almost invariably developed using one of the commercially available hull modeling software packages.

“The Geometry of Ships,” a new book now available from the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME), presents the theoretical basis for these hull modeling systems and the procedures for computing hull geometric, buoyancy and other properties by mathematical methods utilizing such models.
Written by SNAME Life Member John S. Letcher, Jr., author of more than 30 publications on computer-aided design and analysis of boats, ships and marine structures, this new book emphasizes the nomenclature and fundamentals underlying several different methods of hull geometrical modeling to provide the understanding needed to use intelligently both existing and future tools.

Topics included in the volume are continuity and fairness of surfaces, B-spline and NURBS representation, ruled and developable surfaces, subdivision surfaces and classic computational topics, such as hydrostatic properties and initial stability.

The Geometry of Ships can be ordered online at (click the “Go To New Titles” button) or by calling (800) 798-2188 (in the U.S. and Canada) or (201) 499-5068. $40 ($35 for SNAME members, $30 for student members), plus shipping.