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New chart region for boaters: Cuba

Nautical Publications has introduced their newest NV.Chart region for recreational boaters cruising northeast Cuba.  From the company that created the paper and digital chart combination, this new region is the first of four series for Cuban waters.

Key benefits of the NV.Chart Reg. 10.1 Cuba Northeast:

  • Based on new survey data, smart layout and uncluttered cartography
  • Companion CD, compatible with most PC navigation programs and free PC navigation software also included
  • Harbor and anchorage details
  • North up chart orientation
  • Lighthouse characteristics illustrated for better identification
  • Standardized chart scales; 1:340,000 & 1:120,000 passage charts, 1:60,000 & 1:40,000 coastal charts and 1:25,00 & 1:15,000 detailed charts
  • Perfect layout from chart to chart
  • Chart symbols key
  • Waypoints indicated for easy navigation
  • Tidal information on charts

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