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New Down Easter is splashed in Maine

Twelve miles isn’t a huge distance in the abstract, but there’s nothing abstract in the pounding a boat and its passengers can take crossing a dozen miles of rough seas.

Buzzards Bay, the long inlet that separates Cape Cod from the southern Massachusetts mainland, is notorious for its testing seas. From late spring well into the fall, the prevailing afternoon southwesterly wind — the “smoky sou’wester”— often blows hard against a strong ebb tide. The result, especially near the mouth of the bay around the island of Cuttyhunk, is a short, steep chop that can loosen the fillings in a sailor’s teeth or the fastening in a boat’s planking.

That’s where Jessie Lin will make its home and earn its keep.

Delivered by her builder fully commissioned and ready to run earlier this month, Jessie Lin will make its home in New Bedford. For eight months of the year, the boat will ferry her owner between the old whaling port on Buzzards Bay’s western shore and his second home on Cuttyhunk.

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