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New Gear

The iScan 180 is a new forward-looking sonar from Interphase designed for recreational and light commercial use. The color sonar uses a phased-array transducer, with no moving parts, mounted on each side of the keel for a 180-degree forward view.

 It scans horizontally up to 1,200 feet ahead, according to Interphase, and also works as a downward-looking echo sounder. Information can be displayed on a split screen if desired. The color display is sunlight viewable and has a 16:9 aspect ratio, according to the company.


The iScan 180 can output NMEA 0183 data to other navigation electronics and can display speed, latitude/longitude, water temperature and video from external sources. It also has USB and serial interfaces for system expandability. Suggested retail price is $2,899. Interphase Technologies, Soquel, Calif. Phone: (831) 477-4944.

Perko has introduced a new line of replacement navigation pole lights. The Delta Series poles have an articulating head with a fore-and-aft swing of 40 degrees.


 Perko says the poles will fit almost any base, and can replace most custom bent-pole applications. The package includes a reduced glare globe, full output globe, threaded collar and self-locking collar.The lights come in 36-, 42-, 48- and 54-inch lengths, and 48- and 60-inch folding poles also are available.

List prices range from $46.99 for the 36-inch pole to $89.99 for the 60-inch folding pole, as found on the Boater’s World retail Web site ( Perko Inc., Miami. Phone: (305) 621-7525.

Fischer Panda generators now have a remote “smart panel” diagnostic system to continually monitor performance and alert owners to general maintenance, adjustment and troubleshooting issues. The Digital Control Panel will be optional equipment on all Fischer Panda generators, from 8 kW to 22 kW, according to

the company. Sensors can monitor fuel levels and performance, seawater temperatures, and hour/frequency/amp readings. Other features include an interval reminder to change the oil and an audible fault alarm. Multiple panels can be installed using a network cable, according to the company, providing the ability to read all performance sensors and make diagnostic checks from various locations on board.


Generators and accompanying panels start at $13,000. Fischer Panda Generators, Oakland Park, Fla. Phone: (954) 462-2800.

Food or ice stays frozen for seven to nine days in new rota-molded plastic Ultra-Cool iceboxes, according to the manufacturer. The plastic boxes are insulated with polyurethane foam, and the lids have double insulation and an O-ring seal.


 The lockable iceboxes have dual drain plugs, and the company says they can be plumbed as a live well for fishing. The iceboxes are available in 21 different sizes, from 50 quarts to 1,270 quarts, and range in price from $185.94 to $1,860. Engel USA, Jupiter, Fla. Phone: (561) 743-7419.

Star brite says its new Star tron fuel treatment uses naturally occurring enzymes to

stabilize fuel chemistry, improve octane performance and fuel economy, increase power, clean the fuel delivery system, remove carbon buildup, and disperse water. In addition, it can reverse the gelling process and fuel deterioration once it occurs, according to Star brite. Star tron won’t interact or negatively affect fuel treated with other additives, and the company says it will keep stored gas fresh and stable for a year or more. List price for an 8-ounce bottle of Star tron is about $9 for the gasoline additive, about $11 for the diesel additive. Eight ounces will treat up to 125 gallons of gas or 250 gallons of diesel, according to Star brite. Star brite, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Phone: (954) 587-6280.


Niro-Petersen, a German manufacturer of stainless steel hardware, has


 introduced a new stainless steel seat that installs on standard sailboat winches. The seat locks into place and is compact in size for easy storage and quick deployment, according to the company. Suggested retail price at the current exchange rate is around $170. Niro-Petersen, Flensburg, Germany. Phone: +49 461 50033-33.