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New gear

Steiner’s new 7x50 Commander Digital is the latest fluxgate compass binocular from the German manufacturer.

Three lithium batteries power the compass, which Steiner says has a redesigned microprocessor that computes up to 15 bearings per second for accuracy to 1 degree. The shock-proof Commander Digital is waterproof to 16.4 feet, weighs 2-1/2 pounds, and features a fiber-reinforced polycarbonate housing and all aluminum components, according to the manufacturer. The Commander Digital is among the binoculars Steiner is providing for the 2005-’06 Volvo Ocean Race. Suggested retail price is $1,299.


Pioneer Research, Moorestown, N.J. Phone: (800) 257-7742.

Electrical products manufacturer Hubbell has introduced a new shore power cable that has a light to indicate when the power is on. The 30-amp cable has a green LED that comes on when electricity is present through the end of the cable.


 The light is visible in bright sunlight, according to the company. The indicator light and internal connections are waterproof, and the connector end has a non-metallic threaded sealing ring that makes the inlet-connector interface watertight. The cable is available in 25-, 35- and 50-foot lengths. The 50-foot cable retails for $98.75.

Hubbell Marine Electrical Products, Milford, Conn. Phone: (203) 882-4800.

Vetus den Ouden has partnered with German controls manufacturer Rexroth to offer an electronic engine remote control originally designed for large commercial vessels.

 The Vetus-Rexroth electronic engine remote control system is easier to install, and requires less effort to operate than a mechanical system with push/pull cables, according to the manufacturer. The waterproof controls can be installed at multiple helm stations. The system is available with a single-lever throttle and gearshift for single engines or a dual-lever control for twins. Colors offered are black or silver/gray. Pricing for a single-lever control in black is $1,491, and additional components, such as servo motors and interface cards, are required.


Vetus den Ouden, Hanover, Md. Phone: (410) 712-0740.

The Odyssey PC2150 is a new deep-cycle and starting AGM battery from EnerSys that is said to be ideal for marine use and other heavy-duty applications.


The 12-volt Odyssey is a sealed dry cell battery that the manufacturer says can be mounted on its side, won’t leak, and doesn’t require an acid vent tube. The SLI (starting, lighting, ignition) battery has 1,090 cold cranking amps, a reserve capacity of 200 minutes, and a deep-cycle capability of 400 cycles at 80-percent depth of discharge, according to EnerSys. 

The battery weighs 75 pounds and measures 13 by 6.8 by 9.41 inches. Odyssey batteries feature deep-discharge recovery, and can be stored without charging for up to two years at 77 degrees F when fully charged, according to EnerSys. Stated service life is six to eight years, and suggested retail price is $318.95.
EnerSys, Reading, Pa. Phone: (610) 208-1991.;

Height-adjustable Seeboards are designed to improve visibility at the helm for boaters under 6 feet tall.

The base Seeboard can be surface-mounted or permanently installed on deck, and additional panels snap onto the base until the proper height is reached. A cushioned pad, available in foam or gel, is then secured to the top with Velcro. The cushion also helps alleviate fatigue, according to the company. Seeboards are designed to resist damage from salt water, UV rays, fuel and abrasions. Retail price for the Seeboard base system is $99.95.


Seeboard Products LLC, Freeport, N.Y. Phone: (516) 897-9200.