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New gear

Lewmar’s Pro-Series windlass is designed for power- and sailboats from 20 to 45 feet. The horizontal windlass has a 316 stainless steel housing and is designed to be compact, rugged, efficient, fast and affordable, according to Lewmar.

 The spur gearbox is rated for 700 pounds or 1,000 pounds, depending on model, and a half-inch drive ratchet can be used for manual recovery. The windlass comes with an installation kit, with all-in-one wrench, for both on- and in-deck applications.


Price is $699 for the Pro-Series 700 or $769 for the Pro-Series 1000. Lewmar USA, Guilford, Conn. Phone: (203) 458-6200.

The Soap Jet spray nozzle uses “patented external soap injection technology” to mix soap and water outside the nozzle. This allows users to instantly switch between spraying soap or water only, or any combination of the two, when washing their boats.


 Squeezing the nozzle’s rear trigger controls water volume and spray- pattern, while pulling the front trigger controls the soap. Advantages of the Soap Jet’s design include fewer parts to allow leaks, no dilution of the soap, no need to rinse residual soap or degreaser from the nozzle when switching to water only, and easy refills, according to the maker.  

Suggested retail price is $19.95. Soap Jet, Walpole, Mass. Phone: (508) 668-3383.

Jabsco has introduced new automatic water system pumps to run at 1.9 or 2.9 gallons per minute. The three-chamber PAR-Max 1.9 and 2.9 series diaphragm pumps are designed to meet the needs of boats with a shower, water heater, and multiple sinks and marine heads, without requiring an accumulator tank, according to the company.

 The pumps are available in 12- and 24-volt models, run quietly at pressures up to 50 psi, and have a sealed, water-resistant motor housing, according to Jabsco. Prices range from $80 to $115.


ITT Industries-Jabsco, Gloucester, Mass. Phone: (978) 281-0440.


 Royal Purple Max-Gear high-performance gear oil comprises blended synthetic oils and the company’s proprietary Synslide additive. Synslide increases oil film thickness to prevent metal-to-metal contact, is noncorrosive, and displaces water from metal surfaces, according to Royal Purple. The company also offers a complete line of synthetic motor oils, including 2-sroke oil. (Note: Royal Purple’s products aren’t marine specific and may carry automotive labeling.) Suggested retail price is $9.99 a quart. Royal Purple Limited, Porter, Texas. Phone: (281) 354-8600.

The XPower Powerpack 400R portable AC/DC power source from Xantrex

 Technology provides an electrical outlet for small electric or electronic devices, and includes jumper cables. Other features include an integrated 250-psi air compressor, integrated digital alarm clock and AM/FM radio, and a light. The XPower Powerpack itself is powered by a rechargeable battery. Suggested retail price is $179.99. Xantrex Technology Inc., Burnaby, British Columbia. Phone: (604) 422-8595.


Nobeltec has introduced a new dual-frequency (50/200 kHz) PC-based depth sounder. The InSight Sounder, available with a variety of transducers from 600


 watts to 1 kW, interfaces with Nobeltec’s Visual Navigation Suite or Admiral 7.1 or higher for a complete sounder/chart plotter PC navigation system, according the company. Features include full- and split-screen modes, customizable color schemes, and a shallow-water alarm. Speed, temperature and GPS input are available.  

Suggested retail price is $1,699.99. Nobeltec, Portland, Ore. Phone: (503) 579-1414.