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New Gear

The Skipper is a new telescoping boarding gangway for sailboats from Besenzoni, represented in the United States by Imtra Corp. The Skipper hydraulically extends 7 feet and can be angled up or down for tidal conditions and different pier heights. Self-deploying handrails are available.

 The frame is powder-coated aluminum with fiberglass cowlings, and standard finishes are white or blue gelcoat. (It can be painted to match the hull color.)


The gangway has a 220-pound lifting capacity for raising a dinghy or small outboard. When not in use it can be angled down to align with a reverse transom. A white Skipper Gangway, with stanchions, retails for $6,325. Imtra Corp., New Bedford, Mass. Phone: (508) 995-7000.


The 1430 Top Loader is a new watertight protective case from Pelican Products.


 The polymer case has nearly 1,100 cubic inches of usable space, according to the manufacturer, and the lid has a polymer O-ring to form a water- and dustproof seal. An automatic Gore-Tex purge valve balances pressure and fights moisture, according to Pelican.

Optional accessories include a shoulder strap, lid organizer, file holder kit, and padded dividers for camera or computer equipment.The Top Loader has a lifetime guarantee, and the suggested retail price is $94.95 Pelican Products, Torrance, Calif. Phone: (310) 326-4700.


 OdorXit Blue is a proprietary formula designed to neutralize odors in holding tanks, hoses and vents through gas absorption. The product contains only water-soluble plant extracts and derivatives, according to the company, and 2 ounces poured into a marine head will treat the holding tank system for three months or until the tank is emptied. A 4-ounce bottle of OdorXit Blue retails for $9.95 and comes with a money-back guarantee. Listening Systems Inc., Hamilton, Ohio. Phone: (877) 636-7948.




 Guest has introduced two new battery management products. The .75-amp battery maintainer (Model 2601) is designed to keep a charged battery in peak condition during long periods of storage. It is ideal, according to Guest, for maintaining a single battery in a trailerable boat during winter storage. It retails for about $65.

The 1.25-amp battery charger/maintainer (Model 26015-12) electronically switches between charging and maintenance modes. It is enclosed in an epoxy-potted case for durability, impact resistance and resistance to chemicals and gases. It retails for about $75. Both models are designed for use with flooded, AGM or gel cell batteries. Guest, Napa, Calif. Phone: (707) 226-9600.


The Cruising DVDs is a new series of video guides for boaters interested in cruising the Bahamas or the Caribbean.

 Topics such as seamanship, Customs, registration procedures and harbor services are covered, location by location, in short video clips on the interactive disks.


There are photos for browsing, as well as plenty of local knowledge. Craig Summers, a former professor of multimedia design and employee in Apple Computer’s QuickTime VR group, spent two years cruising with his family gathering the footage and information. There are four volumes for $19.95 each: The Turks & Caicos to the Virgin Islands and the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean, The Gulf Stream to MayaguanaIsland, The Exumas, and The Abacos. The Cruising DVDs, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Phone: (902) 821-2042.