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New Gear

MB Quart, the German manufacturer of stereo components and speakers,

has introduced the Nautic Audio/Video Processing Center. The unit offers full iPod and Sirius satellite radio integration, USB flash drive capabilities and support for MP3 or WMA audio files, according to the manufacturer. Other features include AM/FM tuner with presets, full-text display on all controllers, power-down memory, CD changer controls, three RCA preouts, and J1171 marine ignition protection. The Nautic accepts an iPod dock, the MBQ-Link cable and includes an auxiliary line input, so the on-board entertainment installation can scale from one device to a full A/V system. Suggested retail price is $129. TriStar Distributing, Elkhart, Ind. Phone: (800) 621-2278.


For 30 years, ChartKit books have been a popular and trusted navigation resource, so Maptech decided to introduce smaller versions on waterproof, tear-resistant paper. Each page of the full-size ChartKit (22 by 17 inches) takes up a two-page spread in the Compact ChartKit (12 by 17 inches). Both books are spiral-bound and printed in color, with GPS waypoints and courses noted. Compact ChartKits are available for the Florida Keys, Narragansett Bay to Nantucket, Upper Chesapeake Bay, Northern Bahamas and the Virgin Islands. Upon registration at, owners receive free digital nautical charts for the coverage area, plus GPS software. Compact ChartKits retail for $79.95 each. Maptech, Amesbury, Mass. Phone: (888) 839-5551.

McMurdo, the British manufacturer of rescue beacons, has introduced two


new personal locator beacons, the FastFind MAX and the Fastfind MAX G. Both operate on the 406 MHz frequency, have a maximum 48-hour operational battery life from activation, and work in temperatures as low as minus 4 F, according to MacMurdo. The FastFind MAX G’s integral 12-channel GPS receiver has a typical position accuracy of plus or minus 200 feet, and it updates position information every 20 minutes. It also has a visual indicator to signal GPS position acquisition. Suggested retail prices are $499 for the FastFind MAX and $599 for the FastFind MAX G (pictured). Revere Supply, Jacksonville, Fla. Phone: (904) 786 0033. ,

Installing a generator to keep all the gadgets humming, blinking and beeping


is a twofold challenge on a sailboat, where weight and space are major concerns. The compact Kubota 12-hp Marine Power Unit from Next Generation Power measures 16 by 18 by 21 inches and weighs only 150 pounds, but it powers refrigerators, watermakers, any kind of electric device and even hydraulic pumps, according to the manufacturer. With a high-

output alternator, the 2-cylinder diesel also can be used to charge batteries. Other features include heat exchanger cooling, stainless-steel exhaust and oil-pressure and water-temperature safety shutdowns. Suggested retail price is $3,495. Next Generation Power, Jacksonville, Fla. Phone: (904) 642-8555.

When an aging Bimini, T-top or boat cover no longer repels water as it once


did, boaters can try a do-it-yourself fix with Star brite’s Waterproofing with PTEF. Sprayed or brushed onto clean, dry fabric and allowed to dry, it not only helps repel water but, thanks to PTEF, repels dirt, bird droppings and stains, and protects against damaging UV light, according to Star brite. The company says it won’t affect the color or breathability of tops or covers, and is safe for use on just about any fabric, including Sunbrella, foul weather gear, sleeping bags and gear bags. Suggested retail price is $19. Star brite, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Phone: (954) 587-6280.