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Gloves in a Bottle; Drop Down Rod Holder from TACO Metals; Teleflex Marine's Tilt Steering Kit; 3M Marine's Performance Plus Duct Tape; The Oceanus 11 VST rigid-hull inflatable; new additions from Yale Cordage

A California company has come out with an interesting way to protect the hands of boaters and others who are exposed to the elements but don’t want to wear gloves. Gloves in a Bottle is a

lotion that bonds with the outer layer of skin to keep out “moisture-robbing irritants” and retain the skin’s natural moisture, according to the manufacturer. It is invisible — virtually undetectable once dry, the company says — lasts four or more hours, and comes off naturally with exfoliated skin. An 8-ounce bottle sells for $12.95, according to information from Gloves in a Bottle, Montrose, Calif. Phone: (818) 248-9980.

The new Drop Down Rod Holder from TACO Metals allows for easy rod access, even on tall T-tops, according to the company. The patented device is secured in an upright position by a positive locking mechanism, and a pull lever releases and lowers the clamp-on holder. The polished stainless steel Drop Down Rod Holder also

rotates and locks every 18 degrees, according to TACO. Retail price is around $100. TACO Metals Inc., Miami. Phone: (305) 652-8566.

Teleflex Marine now offers a do-it-yourself Tilt Steering Kit for upgrading a boat’s steering system. Boaters can select one of five Dashboard Module Tilt Kits for popular boat styles and follow the installation instructions, according to Teleflex. Each kit comes with the appropriate tilt mechanism and hardware. Kits can be used with a vessel’s existing steering cable or with a new Teleflex cable, according to the company. Model #SS157 comes with Teleflex’s No Feedback NFB Steering. Suggested retail prices range from $99 to $139. Teleflex Inc., Limerick, Pa. Phone: (610) 495-7011.

3M Marine says its new Performance Plus Duct Tape (8979) has UV- and water-resistance properties for extended life and clean removal. The tape retains its bond to surfaces without deterioration for up to a year, even in extreme conditions, and removes cleanly without sticky residue from most opaque surfaces for up to six months, according to the company. Suggested retail price is $13.99 for a 1.88-inch-by-60-yard roll. 3M Marine, St. Paul, Minn. Phone: (877) 366-2746.

The Oceanus 11 VST is a new rigid-hull inflatable from AB Inflatables. The RIB measures 11 feet LOA with a beam of 5 feet, and AB says it can accommodate five people and their personal gear. Designed with an extra-deep vee hull for improved performance, it weighs 359 pounds with standard equipment, has a maximum engine rating of 30 hp, and can handle inland and coastal conditions, according to the builder. Its ergonomically designed helm console allows for steering while seated or standing. The RIB also has stern tow rings and upholstered seating, as well as a 10-year limited warranty on the tube fabric. Retail price is $6,495 without power. AB Marine Group, Suffern, N.Y. Phone: (845) 918-2100.

Yale Cordage has several new additions to its product lineup. Eight-strand nylon Brait anchor rode handles easier, stows in less space, and absorbs more energy before failure than traditional three-strand line, according to the company. It is available in sizes from 3/8 inch to 1 inch; 1/2-inch Brait sells for $1.25 a foot. Code Zero Torque Rope is engineered to transmit torque to the entire sail luff, is lightweight, won’t

absorb water, and is ideal for all loose luff headsails, according to Yale. It is available in 9/16-inch and 3/4-inch sizes; 9/16-inch Code Zero sells for $7.75 a foot. Yale says its new high performance covers can be slipped on lines and sewn in place to add chafe protection to sections subject to high abrasion, without the weight of a full-length cover. Prices to fit 3/8-inch line range from $1 a foot for polyester covers to $12 per foot for PBO. Yale also has introduced a new 12-strand single-braid Lugger Line for towing bridles. It is available in sizes from 5/16 inch to 1-1/2 inches; 1/2-inch Lugger Line sells for 65 cents a foot. Yale Cordage, Saco, Maine. Phone: (207) 282-3396.

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