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New Gear

The XYZ anchor is designed to use its shape to set itself in soft bottoms. The surface of the base plate forces the anchor into the bottom, and it digs deeper as the rode is


 pulled, according to Best Marine Imports. The company points to American Bureau of Shipping tests to back the product: The anchor set and held at 400 pounds in soft mud, and a sand test pull was stopped at 3,000 pounds for fear of breaking the shackle.

The polished 316 stainless steel anchor weighs 10-1/2 pounds and is said to be “virtually self-righting.” It is recommended for boats up to 40 feet, though larger anchors are being developed. Retail price is $375. Best Marine Imports, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Phone: (954) 523-8888.

Clarity Defender is a new windshield treatment that uses nanotechnology to repel rain and make windshields easier to clean. It chemically bonds to the windshield glass on

boats or vehicles at the molecular level, according to manufacturer Nanofilm, and creates a barrier less than 1/1000 the thickness of a human hair. Automobile tests in rainy nighttime conditions yielded a 34-percent improvement in driver vision, according to the company. One application is said to work up to a year.


Clarity Defender comes in a disposable applicator wand and retails for $14.95. Nanofilm, Valley View, Ohio. Phone: (216) 447-1199.


All-Shield Metal Cleaner removes scaling, corrosion and discoloration from metal, fiberglass and other boat surfaces, according to manufacturer Dever Enterprises. The blended two-part cleaner can be sprayed on or applied with a sponge, cloth, painter’s mitt or brush, and covers about 500 square feet per gallon, according to the company. Dever says All-Shield Metal Cleaner removes light stains immediately and heavier rust in less than 30 minutes, leaving a thin film to protect the surface and keep rust from forming. Manufacturer suggested retail price is $9.95 for an 8-ounce bottle. Dever Enterprises, Willoughby, Ohio. Phone: (888) 293-7951.

The new Paws Aboard personal flotation device for dogs has adjustable Velcro straps and a mesh underbelly so it quickly drains and dries if your best friend should go for a swim — whether intentionally or not.

 The PFD is manufactured of bright, neon-yellow fabric and is fitted with reflective strips for visibility. The jacket has a handle for retrieving a dog from the water, and comes in sizes from XXS to XL, for dogs weighing less than 8 pounds to 150 pounds. Retail prices start at $23.99. Paws Aboard Inc., Indianapolis. Phone: (877) 987-7297.



 Simrad has received Federal Communications Commission approval for a new search-and-rescue transponder. At 9.7 inches tall and 3.2 inches wide, Simrad says the SA50 is the smallest SART available to U.S. mariners, and can be packed into life rafts or carried. A telescopic mounting pole is available as an option. The search and rescue vessel’s X-band radar triggers the SA50, which emits 12 distinct pulses that are displayed as blips on the search vessel’s radar display, helping rescuers zero in on the person or life raft, according to Simrad. The company suggests using the SA50 in conjunction with an EPIRB. Manufacturer suggested retail price is $975. Spare battery packs sell for $235, and the mounting pole is $125. Simrad USA, Lynnwood, Wash. Phone: (425) 778-8821.

Panoptx has introduced a new line of eyewear designed for boating and fishing.

The sunglasses combine photochromic polarized lenses with the company’s patented “windless” technology. Panoptx says its Orbital Seal provides UV protection and blocks out wind, sun, water and sand. The PureTec lenses are manufactured of a polymer called NXT, which the company says enables light-sensitive photochromic cells to


 react swiftly and across a broad spectrum. Polarized ColorTec lenses also are available, in copper for variable light or gray for open water and full sun. The Diablo, with the Orbital Seal and PureTec lenses, retails for $250. Panoptx, Pleasanton, Calif. Phone: (925) 484-0292.