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New Gear

Furuno has introduced two new ultra-bright, marinized LCD monitors. The 12.1- and 15-inch color TFT displays have anti-reflective glass filters to reduce glare and picture-in-picture capability. Furuno says the monitors can be used with a PC or laptop computer, video cameras, satellite television, DVD, radar, fishfinders, sonar and NavNetBB, a black box version of Furuno’s NavNet integrated navigation system. Polarized sunglasses won’t affect viewing, according to the company. Suggested retail prices are $4,995 for the 12.1-inch (MU120C), and $6,495 for the 15-inch (MU155C). Furuno USA, Camas, Wash. Phone: (360) 834-9300.

The Magnetic Hitch Locator is designed to make lining up a trailer ball and hitch

easier. A pair of reflective globes attached to masts — one connected by magnet to the trailer, the other to the tow vehicle — extend above or to the side of the vehicle bed so the driver can see them through rear-view and side mirrors. When the two globes touch, the ball and hitch are lined up, according to the manufacturer. Suggested retail price is $39.95. White Company, Stirum, N.D. Phone: (701) 678-2704.

Bentnose Floating Pliers from fishing gear manufacturer XTOOLS are manufactured with composite materials to be lightweight and rust resistant, according to the company. The pliers measure 6-1/2 inches long, have padded handles and, as the name implies, they float. The tool’s tungsten carbide cutting system is designed to cut through braided line, according to XTOOLS. Suggested retail price is $16.49. XTOOLS, Sarasota, Fla. Phone: (941) 894-0040.

The reusable ClamSeal fixes small tears in inflatable boats without using glue, according to manufacturer Barton Marine. As opposed to a typical glued patch, the company says the patented ClamSeal doesn’trequire the boat to be dry; in fact, it works under water. The repair job entails inserting the product into the tear — up to 3-1/2 inches long in a tube or fabric deck — and tightening a nut. Suggested retail price is $29.99. Barton Marine Equipment, Whitstable, Kent, England.

The HoverCover is a solar-powered floating boat lift and cover system from Sunstream Boat Lifts. As the 12-foot-wide hydraulic FloatLift raises the boat out of the water, the HoverCover lowers over the vessel. The cover automatically rises as the lift lowers when launching the boat. The HoverCover system works in slips and at moorings, according to the manufacturer, and eliminates the need for other covers. It’s rated for boats up to 6,000 pounds, according to Sunstream. Average price for a combination HoverCover and FloatLift is about $14,000. Sunstream Boat Lifts, Kent, Wash. Phone: (253) 395-0500.

The Tamaya NC-2100 is a hand-held navigation computer designed for the professional navigator or offshore yachtsman.It uses a PDA format with a large high-resolution touchscreen display. The unit graphically displays lines of position, and has course and distance, dead reckoning, great circle, ETA, current, LOP and meridian passage computations. It includes a nautical almanac, and twilight azimuth and altitude computations for celestial bodies. In addition, it can receive latitude and longitude data from a GPS receiver, according the manufacturer. Suggested retail price is $899.99. Weems & Plath, Annapolis, Md. Phone: (410) 263-6700.