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New Gear – April 2007


The Pointer 14 from J-Point Marine of Rumford, Maine, is a sailboat built for two with a 4-foot, 5-inch beam, and a 3-foot draft with the daggerboard down. With the daggerboard up, the 150-pound sailboat draws 3-3/4 inches. The sail area measures 84.5 square feet. The 14-footer has sleeved sails, a mainsheet jam cleat, and a kick-up rudder. There is a large watertight storage compartment in the cockpit and a smaller watertight compartment in the foredeck, good for keys, cell phones or glasses, according to the builder. The boat has a non-skid cockpit, a hiking strap, a grab rail and a bow handle. Its flat, wide aft section results in quicker planing and greater speed, the company says. The manufacturer suggested retail price is $3,995. J-Point Marine, Rumford, Maine. Phone: (207) 418-1001.


RedKnows is an alarm system based on GPS and GSM mobile phone technologies. When an intruder trips an on-board sensor or your boat is moved, the redKnows system automatically sends an SMS text message to up to three preprogrammed mobile phones. The text message contains the position, speed and heading of the boat, as well as the time and type of alarm. The redKnows Mini Tracker comes with a GPS antenna, GSM antenna, internal backup battery, siren, wireless remote control, microphone and alarm sensor. It has four inputs for additional wireless alarm sensors, such as motion, water level, gas, smoke and open door. The boat can be tracked on the redKnows Web site. Developed in Sweden, the system is available in the United States through Just Too Sales Solutions. Manufacturer suggested retail price is $699. Just Too Sales Solutions, Palm Harbor, Fla. Phone: (214) 682-7115. ,


Scotchgard Marine Liquid Wax from 3M Marine is a high-gloss wax designed specifically for use on boats. It provides UV protection and is safe to use on fiberglass, gelcoat, marine topside paints and marine metals, according to the company. A 500 milliliter bottle is available for $19.99 or a 1-liter bottle for $29.99. In addition to the Scotchgard wax, 3M also has introduced a polish to restore a boat’s finish. The rubbing compound, formerly available only to professionals, is called Color/Gloss Restorer. A 500 milliliter bottle retails for $20.99. 3M Marine, St. Paul, Minn. Phone: (877) 366-2746.


Revere Survival Products has introduced the Elite Series of lightweight life rafts. The line comprises two models — the Coastal Elite and Offshore Elite (pictured) — available with 4-, 6- or 8-person capacities. The lightest Coastal model weighs just 39 pounds. Standard features include an insulated inflatable floor, inflatable boarding ramp (Offshore only), automatic inflatable canopy, oversized ballast pockets, zippered windows, interior stowage pockets, equipment pack, and a canopy-mounted strobe. The life rafts carry a 12-year limited warranty and come packed in either a soft valise or fiberglass container. Prices range from $2,700 to $4,200. Also new from Revere is the Comfort Max series of inflatable PFDs. The idea, according to Revere, was to design a comfortable PFD by keeping the neck area free of padding and rough edges. Manual and automatic inflation models are available, with prices ranging from $139 to $199. Revere Supply Company, Jacksonville, Fla. Phone: (904) 786-0033.


The Grief Saver is designed to simplify magnetic readings for small-boat navigators who use paper charts. It consists of a pair of 8-inch clear plastic discs. The top disc has protractor figures and the bottom disc has grid lines; variation can be applied by rotating the discs in relation to each other before using the device. Harold Scott, inventor of the Grief Saver, likens it to a “portable compass rose.” An attached string provides a further shortcut for plotting work. Price is $20. The H.M. Scott Company, Brunswick, Maine. Phone: (207) 729-4223.