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New Gear - August 2007


Mastervolt’s AC Master inverters were designed to fill a need for affordable sine-wave units due to the increased use of standard 120-volt AC appliances on board. Mastervolt credits advanced switch mode technology for the compact and lightweight design of these power inverters, which feature low power requirements, 200-percent surge power, integrated short-circuit protection, overtemperature and overload shutdown, and a three-color LED display. The line comprises four 230V/50Hz models from 200 to 350 watts, and a 350-watt, 120V/60Hz inverter. The inverters carry a two-year warranty. Prices range from $230 to $380. Mastervolt, Hanover, Md. Phone: (443) 459-5370.


Guest has made several changes to its 2100 Universal Mount Series and Heavy Duty Series battery selector switches, including an updated color scheme and graphics, as well as new ergonomic knobs. Guest says the new colors and graphics make it easier to determine battery switch status at a glance. The switches have an impact-resistant polycarbonate housing and heavy-duty copper sweep contacts inside. They use the same installation footprint and bolt patterns compared to previous models, and have longer stud lengths. Prices are $65.99 for the Universal Mount and $174.99 for the Heavy Duty battery switches. Guest, Napa, Calif. Phone: (707) 226-9600.


Pettit Marine Paint has introduced a two-part system designed to reduce fouling on props and running gear, which can slow a boat and decrease efficiency. Prop-Koat 6005 Clear Primer and up to three coats of Prop-Koat 6006 Clear Topcoat can be applied to props, shafts, rudders, struts, outdrives, outboards and other underwater metals, according to Pettit. The resultant slick finish, the company says, is key to Prop-Koat’s performance, and both hard and soft fouling can be wiped off with a sponge or cloth. A quart kit retails for $260. Pettit Marine Paint, Rockaway, N.J. Phone: (973) 625-3100.


Sideshift takes a different approach to bow thrusters by mounting the unit on the boat’s exterior rather than drilling a tunnel in the hull. The patent-pending thrusters are more efficient and responsive — thanks to the far forward installation — and easier to install than traditional through-hull units, according to the manufacturer. Sideshift says there is no drag when installed on planing boats, since the thruster rises out of the water. With non-planing boats, the minimal drag is comparable to that caused by the tunnel of conventional thruster installations. The recently redesigned bow thrusters are available for boats of any type from 20 to 80 feet, and prices range from $2,495 to $4,895. External stern thrusters also are available and range in price from $2,495 to $4,195. Sideshift, Ottawa. Phone: (613) 686-6011.


Sunglasses manufacturer CostaDel Mar has introduced three new frame styles: the “ultra lightweight” Ghost, the Flycatcher (pictured), and the Lightfoot, with its larger, square lenses. All have a lightweight, rimless metal frame and anti-reflective lens coating to reduce “bounce back” glare. The stainless steel frames are available in gunmetal with gray- or blue-mirrored polycarbonate lenses, or copper with gray or amber lenses. Retail prices range from $199 to $229. CostaDel Mar, Ormond Beach, Fla. Phone: (386) 677-3700.