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New Gear June 2006

 Foul-weather gear, apparel and accessories manufacturer Gill has developed a line of waterproof luggage for boaters. The 10-piece line includes the Rolling Jumbo Bag, Rolling Carry On, Cargo Bag, Tarp Barrel Bag, Stow Bag, Compact Bag, Duffle Bag, Daypack, Wash Bag and Wallet.


The Rolling Jumbo Bag (pictured) has a telescoping handle, non-marking wheels, wet-and-dry compartment, and detachable shoulder straps. There are two end compartments for shoes and handles on each end of the bag. The 6,700-cubic-inch bag measures 31 inches by 13-1/2 inches by 13-1/2 inches, and retails for $139.95. Gill North America, Buford, Ga. Phone: (770) 945-0564.



 HamiltonJet has introduced an intuitive single-hand controller for low-speed maneuvering inspired by your computer’s mouse. The MouseBoat uses Hamilton’s new “blue ARROW” electronic jetdrive control system, which communicates on a CANbus network.

Slide the mouse fore and aft and the boat responds in kind, or rotate it to change heading. On a twin-jetdrive boat, move the mouse to port or starboard, and the boat will crab sideways. Engine rpm and degree of movement can be adjusted by clicking the plus- and minus-sign buttons on the mouse. The engine also revs higher as the mouse is moved or rotated. The mouse springs back to a centered position and zero-speed/straight-ahead mode when the skipper lets go. The weather-proof MouseBoat can be installed at up to three control stations on a blue ARROW-equipped boat, according to the company. Retail pricing was unavailable. HamiltonJet, Seattle. Phone: (206) 784-8400.


 Rhino Hide’s RhinoMix adhesives are designed to simplify fiberglass repairs and bonding projects. The two-component, polyurethane adhesives are dispensed through a universal cartridge system, so a standard caulking gun can be used.


RhinoMix 9000 can be sanded and painted after curing for 15 minutes and is intended for fiberglass repairs and other quick projects. RhinoMix 9200 is another fast-setting adhesive formulated for bonding and sealing. Slow-setting RhinoMix 9310 has a working life of one hour and is intended for lengthier fiberglass repair projects. An 8-ounce cartridge of RhinoMix adhesiveretails for $29.95. Rhino Hide LLC, Eaton Park, Fla. Phone: (863) 665-0203.



 Furuno’s latest fishfinders — the dual-frequency FCV585 and FCV620 — use digital signal processing technology to provide high-resolution images. The DSP filter software suppresses clutter and automatically adjusts such variables as gain and output power to adapt to the fishing environment, according to Furuno.

In dual mode each unit simultaneously displays sounding images of 50 kHz and 200 kHz in separate windows. The FCV585 has an 8.4-inch VGA sunlight-viewable 256-color LCD, and a high transmission output power of 600 watts or 1 kW. It retails for $1,495. The FCV620 has a 5.6-inch color LCD and output power of 600 watts. It retails for $895. Furuno USA, Camas, Wash. Phone: (360) 834-9300.


 Cleaning products manufacturer Swobbit now offers color-coded brushes for different on-board chores. The so-called “Colors of Clean” are green for general-purpose cleaning; purple for cleaning painted and delicate surfaces; orange for cleaning decks, non-skid and canvas; and aqua for aggressively cleaning teak, non-skid decks and boat bottoms.


The new brushes have bristles that are up to 40 percent more chemical- and heat-resistant, according to Swobbit, and prices range from around $19 to $31. Swobbit Products Inc., Indianapolis. Phone: (317) 298-1995.