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New Gear November 2006

Fugawi Marine ENC version 4.10 offers full compatibility with existing Navionics Gold+, Gold, Silver and HotMaps charts, with future support planned for Navionics Platinum multidimensional charts.

 This means boaters with Navionics-supported chart plotters can use the same cartography to plan, navigate and monitor passages on a PC, according to the company. Boaters with Navionics charts on Secure Digital (SD), Multi Media Card (MMC) or Compact Flash (CF) cards can use their existing charts with the new version of Fugawi Marine ENC using a Navionics Multi Card Reader.


The new software sells for $219.95 and can be bundled with a Navionics Multi Card Reader for $299.95. Owners of a licensed version of Fugawi Marine ENC version 4.00 or higher can upgrade to 4.10 for $79.95, Multi Card Reader included. Northport Systems Inc., Toronto. Phone: (416) 920-9300.


StayGrip was developed by two sailors as a means to secure objects to a stay or other line on a sailboat. The thermoplastic device comprises two interlocking halves, so no tools are required for operation, and the tightness of the grip can be adjusted so it can slide along a stay.


 Its uses include raising an ensign, displaying a day shape, attaching a pulley to hoist lightweight objects, attaching a clothesline, or hanging an anchor light (the purpose for which it was developed).

The StayGrip is designed for use on sailboats from roughly 20 feet to 35 feet, according to its British manufacturer. It can be purchased on eBay or the StayGrip Web site, where the company sells it for around $12.95 plus shipping.


 In search-and-rescue field exercises, it was found that a green laser flare projects a much more visible beam, especially in daylight, than red laser flares on the market. Greatland Laser has developed a green Rescue Laser Flare that has a range of more than 10 miles during the day and more than 30 miles at night.


The machined aluminum device operates for five hours on one lithium battery, is waterproof to 80 feet, and weighs 3.4 ounces. Suggested retail price is $249.95. Greatland Laser, Anchorage, Alaska. Phone: (907) 245-4475.



 3M says it has a solution for “great-tasting water” in its new line of RV/Marine Water Filters. All seven models are suitable for use aboard boats, according to the company, including four that can be installed under the sink and three that can be installed on the main line or under the sink.

Prices range from $89.95 to $299.95. The model US-B1 under-sink filter ($159.95) reduces chlorine, sediment, dirt, rust, sand and silt levels, as well as up to 99.99 percent of waterborne bacteria and parasitic cysts, according to 3M. It can filter up to 2,000 gallons of water at 1.5 gallons per minute, and replacement cartridges cost $99.95. CUNO Inc. (a 3M company), Meriden, Conn. Phone: (203) 238-8701.


Garmin has introduced its first open array radars, with 4- and 6-foot scanners, designed for large yachts. The GMR 404 and 406 have digital signal processing for radar data, range up to 83 miles, radar overlay capability, and manual and automatic sensitivity and tuning controls, including gain, sea clutter and rain clutter.

 Both can track up to 10 MARPA targets with an optional heading sensor. The scanners have plug-and-play connectivity to the Ethernet-based Garmin Marine Network, so they can connect with any network-compatible Garmin chart plotter, according to the company.


The GMR 404 (pictured) has a 1.8-degree beamwidth and a suggested retail price of $3,839.98, while the GMR 406 has a 1.1-degree beamwidth and a suggested retail price of $4,693.32. Garmin International Inc., Olathe, Kan. Phone: (913) 397-8200.