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New Gear Sept 2006

 The Magellan eXplorist XL’s 3-1/2-inch sunlight-viewable, high contrast color TFT LCD is the largest display of any rugged hand-held GPS, according to manufacturer Thales Navigation. The water-resistant GPS is WAAS-enabled and has a built-in base map of major waterways, roads, highways, parks and airports, with 30 MB of available internal memory plus expandable


memory through a built-in SD card reader/writer. With memory expansion cards the XL can store virtually unlimited waypoints, routes and track logs, according to Thales. Additional charts, including MapSend BlueNav XL3 Charts and MapSend Lakes USA, can be purchased on SD card or downloaded from the Magellan Web site. Suggested retail price is $449. Thales Navigation, San Dimas, Calif. Phone: (909) 394-5000.



 Suzuki’s new DF300 is a 4-liter V-6 outboard that produces 300 hp. The outboard features multipoint sequential electronic fuel injection, dual overhead cam powerhead with four valves per cylinder, compact 55-degree V cylinder block, and variable valve timing to adjust intake cam phasing to maximize low and midrange torque.

Target weights are 604 pounds for a 25-inch shaft model and 615 pounds for a 30-inch model, according to Suzuki. Suggested retail prices are $23,625 (25-inch model) and $23,940 (30-inch model). Also new for 2007 and available on the DF300 is the Suzuki Precision Control fly-by-wire electronic throttle and shift system ($1,500 to $2,000 per engine). Suzuki Marine, Brea, Calif. Phone: (714) 996-7040.


 The QuickLine borrows a knot system from mountaineering and applies it to dock lines. The Prusik knot slides freely along the QuickLine until tension is applied, then holds tight. The system makes it possible to adjust the 25-foot QuickLine to the desired length, while the extra line remains stored in a bag and out of the way.


The line has a 12-inch spliced loop at one end and a stainless steel clip at the other. Designed for boats up to 35 feet, it is available in 3/8-inch ($39.95) or 1/2-inch ($49.95) sizes, with black or white line and several color options for the storage bag. Cormorant Corp., Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Phone: (208) 667-3135.



 Bird-B-Gone’s new Bird Chase Super Sonic scares birds off your dock by generating the distress and predator sounds of more than 22 types of birds. It protects the surrounding area up to 1 acre and is available with attachments to cover up to 6 acres, according to the company.

A display screen shows the status of the system and user-selected settings at all times. The unit is UV resistant, waterproof, and runs off AC power. Suggested retail price is $225. Bird-G-Gone Inc., Mission Viejo, Calif. Phone: (949) 472-3122.


 The Weather Channel Stormtracker Series weather alert radios by Vector offer more than just AM/FM tuning and NOAA weather. All are equipped with a light — flashlight, lantern or spotlight — and have an automatic alert that signals a pending weather alert. In addition to weather radio, automatic alert, 3-LED lantern and 6-LED emergency light, the VEC136 model has a digital LCD with


Specific Area Message Encoding to program county codes for local information, 5-inch black-and-white television, cell phone charger, and hand crank rechargeable backup power. Powered by nine C batteries, it has a suggested retail price of $99.99. Vector Manufacturing, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Phone: (866) 584-5504.