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New GPS touted for improved features

With three levels of integrated signal technology - GPS positioning, a 406 MHz signal and 121.5 MHz homing capacity - the GlobalFix PRO quickly and accurately relays a distressed boaters position to a worldwide network of Search and Rescue satellites (COSPAS-SARSAT), reducing search time and increasing chances of survival in an emergency at sea, according to manufacturer ACR.

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Special features include:

  • Internal GPS allows for the fastest notification to SAR in as little as three minutes and a reduced search radius to .05 nm (100 m, 110 yds)
  • High sensitivity GPS engine allows faster location recognition than standard GPS and non-GPS models (GPS updates position every 20 minutes)
  • High intensity LED strobe consumes less energy than traditional strobes without sacrificing intensity
  • EPIRB self-check tests the circuitry, battery voltage and GPS acquisition test
  • Patented proprietary electronics package means PRO transmits the stablest 406 frequency transmission in the industry
  • Available in Category I and Category II brackets

The GlobalFix PRO comes loaded with high efficiency electronics that offer reliable performance, responsiveness and accuracy. It carries Class II non-hazmat batteries, which will allow the beacon to transmit for a minimum of 48 hours at minus 20 C (minus 4 F). The EPIRB measures 6.97 x 4.2 x 3.58² (17.7 x 10.67 x 9.09 cm) and weighs 20.5 oz (581g).

MSRP for the Category I GlobalFix PRO is $1,360 and $1,160 for the Category II.