New oil well leak could take 10 days to cap


The Coast Guard said it could take 10 days before an abandoned well struck by a barge in southeastern Louisiana early Tuesday is capped. The Coast Guard is overseeing efforts to contain the well, which is spewing a mixture of oil, gas and water, and limit environmental damage, according to a report on

Wild Well Control of Houston, the firm hired to cap the well, outlined its plan Thursday to authorities. Sealing the well will be difficult, because it's in a relatively shallow area in a lake off Louisiana's Barataria Bay. An array of barges and firefighting equipment will have to navigate the shallows.

Once everything is in place, mud will be pumped into the well to seal it. This is similar to the "static kill" planned for BP's well in the Gulf of Mexico, although this work will take place on the surface because the wellhead is spewing into the air.

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