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New outboards at a glance

BRP has a new engine — its biggest E-TEC 2-stroke yet — and a new lower unit to go with it. The manufacturer paired the 3.4-liter 300-hp Evinrude E-TEC V-6 outboard with an SLE Magnum high-performance gearcase. The 300 E-TEC is available with a 25- or 30-inch shaft, in standard and counter-rotating prop configurations. It has a loop-charged engine with a 90-degree V-6 block.


The SLE Magnum gearcase is “the most durable V-6 gearcase BRP has ever made,” according to the company. Its leading edge is designed to reduce the chance of weeds wrapping around the lower unit, BRP says, plus it has secondary water inlets to improve cooling. It also has newly designed internal components like a forward gear and bearing design, which the company claims increases strength and durability, and a prop shaft bearing carrier that reduces movement and wear.

Designed to be compact and lightweight, the 300-hp E-TEC weighs 528 pounds. Pricing is currently unavailable.

Yamaha Motor Corp. has introduced the F350 V-8 4-stroke, a 225-hp high-performance 4-stroke and a 9.9-hp 4-stroke. It also has redesigned its VMAX direct injection 2-stroke outboards.

While the VMAX Series 2 engines are popular in competitive freshwater fishing circles, the F225 Sport 4-stroke is gaining a foothold in the same market. “It gives us the opportunity to play with the 4-stroke in the bass realm,” says Yamaha communications manager Martin Peters. “We have a number of anglers who’ve decided to run the 225 Sport in FLW and BASS competition.” The engine is being used in redfish tournaments, too, he says.

The F225 Sport has a 3.3-liter V-6 engine block. Features include variable camshaft timing, multipoint fuel injection, a 24-valve dual overhead camshaft, large-diameter intake and exhaust valves, long tube intake tracks, and in-bank exhaust. MSRP is $24,050.

Tohatsu America Corp. of Farmers Branch, Texas, has added a 20-hp 4-stroke to its Tohatsu and Nissan Marine outboard lines for 2008. The 20-hp model replaces the company’s 18-hp outboard in a lineup that incorporates 4-stroke engines from 2.5 hp to 30 hp and direct injection 2-strokes from 40 hp to 115 hp.


“Our focus is to continue to introduce products that are among the most competitive and affordable on the market,” says Kurt Gardner, Tohatsu America’s national sales manager, in a statement. “We believe that replacing the 18 hp with a 20 hp is a good step in achieving this.”

Like its predecessor, the 20 will have a CD ignition system for quicker starting, a decompression device for ease of manual starts, and visual and audible low oil pressure warning. Pricing is unavailable.

The latest supercharged Verado 4-stroke fromMercury Marine shares the same inline 6-cylinder, 2.6-liter engine as the previously introduced 200- to 300-hp Verados. But the Verado 350 SCi has several features not available on the lower-horsepower models. These include a new cowl design with air


intakes at the top and front of the engine; new cylinder head designed for enhanced durability; an Advanced MidSection with heavy-duty components, driveshaft housing and modified exhaust; a newly designed gearcase; Mercury Racing’s VesselView — Race Edition engine monitor and display; and race-derived powerhead components, including custom exhaust valves, camshaft, supercharger rotor profile and piston profile, and piston cooling jets for durability.

The cowl, which includes Mercury Racing graphics, uses the top air intake to draw air into a flywheel-mounted fan, while the air scoop on the front channels air directly to the supercharger. The 350 SCi weighs 667 pounds. Pricing is unavailable.

Honda Marine has built 4-strokes for more than 40 years, and its line ranges from 2 hp to 225 hp. According to company sources, Honda will announce a new product later this spring, but there is no word yet on the size.

In the meantime, the company has introduced motor oil formulated specifically for 4-stroke outboards. The 10W-30 oil carries official FC-W approval from the National Marine Manufacturers Association. FC-W certification, which is expressly for marine 4-strokes, requires bench tests for viscosity, corrosion, filter plugging, foaming and aeration, in addition to passing a 100-hour general performance engine test.

Honda NMMA-approved motor oil has a manufacturer suggested retail price of $4.99 a quart.

The latest engine from Suzuki Marine is the DF250SS, a 250-hp4-stroke with a 20-inch shaft and an “aggressive” lower unit with a 2.08-to-1 gear ratio, the company says. Suzuki, based in Brea, Calif., calls the 250SS a “hot rod” engine. It has multistage induction and variable valve


timing to improve acceleration and low- and midrange torque, and it’s designed for applications including bay boats, flats boats, bass boats, sport pontoons and ski boats — boats with 20-inch-tall transoms.

The 250SS has a 55-degree V-6 engine block and an offset driveshaft, resulting in a compact design, and a dual overhead camshaft, 24-valve powerhead. Weight of the engine is 578 pounds. Other features of the 4-liter outboard include lightweight, forged aluminum pistons, a 54-amp alternator, and a 32-bit computer module. MSRP is $21,250. Suzuki planned a product release early this year but did not have materials ready at press time.