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New product: A solution for soggy doggies

Amber McCrocklin’s yellow Labrador retriever, Bo, loves to swim. But McCrocklin found it difficult to get him back aboard her 22-foot Four Winns runabout. There were no products on the market to help, so the Indiana woman developed her own: the Doggy Boat Ladder.

“I thought there should be something out there but there wasn’t,” says McCrocklin. “It got to be so frustrating, I stopped taking him with me.”

But one of the primary reasons she got Bo two years ago was so she could have a boating companion. McCrocklin, a sales and marketing professional, decided this was an ideal opportunity to develop her own company and launched Paws Aboard in 2003.

She hired an engineer to design a lightweight ramp with stairs that attaches to the boat’s swim ladder. “Bo took right to it,” says McCrocklin.

McCrocklin exhibits at boat shows throughout the winter. She says she has already sold 100 ladders, which she hopes will also be in stores in the coming year. McCrocklin says the ladder also is ideal for waterfowl hunters (it comes in green) and can be used in swimming pools.

For more information or to order the Doggy Boat Ladder visit or call (877) 987-7297. n