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New reality show profiles boat salvagers

The Discovery Channel, home to the reality show on Alaskan crab fisherman “Deadliest Catch,” has a new program with a nautical theme.

Shipwreck Men” follows the day-to-day operations of four competing South Florida marine salvage companies who patrol the coast seeking out boats in distress.

“When trouble strikes they race into action, whether it's saving a sinking vessel, rescuing boats from dangerous hurricane storms or putting out a massive fire. While their intentions are good, it doesn't mean it isn't a cutthroat business,” is how Discover promotes the show. “With a fortune to be made, the competition is intense. The first crew on the scene is the one that gets the job — and the lucrative profits. The rest of the companies get nothing and must wait for the next call in hopes of securing a job and keeping their business afloat.”

“Shipwreck Men,” which premiered Jan. 16, airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. (ET/PT).

Fox News has a report on how his participation in the show interfered with one of the owners’ towing business.

“Filming the show was difficult though, it took us a little longer to do what we do. What usually takes a few hours took a lot longer, like in situations when we had to wait for them (the crew) to get in the right position and set up for a few seconds,” said Shane Arnold of the family business Arnold’s Towing.

And as the all-new Discovery series exemplifies, there is no love lost between the tow company competitors.

“Other towing companies down here hate us because we can do stuff, we have so much equipment from so many years of doing this business,” Shane, said. “We can do a job that will take someone else two days in a few hours. We are also able to do it for a cheaper rate while the other guys are still working on one job; We can be back home working on our boat.”

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