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New report on grounding of tanker Rena

After the tanker Rena hit the Astrolabe Reef off New Zealand on Oct. 5, 2011, hundreds of oil spill responders and 8,000 volunteers removed around 1,000 tons of oily waste from the coastline, recovered more than 4,500 tons of containers and debris and rescued hundreds of oiled birds.

Beaches closed as a result of oil were reopened from 16 November 2011.

A newly-released independent government review of the response by Maritime New Zealand, that country’s coast guard, found the grounding was unprecedented in its complexity, but the MNZ response, while flawed in some aspects, had ultimately been effective.

The report coincides with an announcement that $2 million in government funding has been approved to help improve New Zealand’s maritime response capability.

Click here for the full announcement with a link to the full report.