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New show captures thrill of sailing

Sailing Channel Theater, a new production that premiered Sunday, will stream online this week.

The half-hour series, which can be accessed online at and, features classic and critically acclaimed films that capture the adventure of sailing.

In the season opener, “Cruising Has No Limits,” legendary cruising couple Lin and Larry Pardey, who have sailed more than 185,000 miles, will take viewers on their ocean escapades to southern Africa, Brazil and Ireland. The episode breaks down the basics for nautical novices with practical lessons on how to go beyond the shores of the world’s oceans and explore local cultures.

“Combined with pitch-perfect cinematography and the thrill of a nautical adventure, this visually stunning television series lives up to the standards that WLIW 21 is known for,” said John Servidio, acting general manager for WLIW 21, in a statement.

Future episodes of Sailing Channel Theater will feature stories covering all aspects of maritime culture, including famous seafaring personalities and rarely told nautical history.

WLIW 21, a station, is a leading producer for public television. The Sailing Channel produces programs on the gear, people, boats, skills and places that interest cruising sailors.

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