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New ‘Start Sailing’ website launched

US Sailing, the national governing body of the sport, is joining forces with the iconic America’s Cup to introduce, inform and educate a new generation of sailors.

The new website at offers visitors an exciting and easy-to-follow introductory view of sailing, including information on the various types of sailboats, the basics of sailing, tips on how to get started and find access to boats and lessons, as well as other ways to get involved.

“There are many people interested in learning how to sail who have yet to take the first step,” US Sailing executive director Jack Gierhart said. “Perhaps they don’t know where to begin or believe it is too difficult or expensive – all not true. This new website is the perfect place to welcome newcomers, while serving as a useful resource as they get started. We hope sailors will visit the website and share it with their family members and friends who want to learn.”

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