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New Titanic expedition to launch in August

A team of scientists will launch an expedition to the Titanic site next month to assess the condition of the world's most famous shipwreck and create a three-dimensional map that will "virtually raise the Titanic."

The 20-day expedition is to depart Aug. 18 from St. John's, Newfoundland, under a partnership between RMS Titanic Inc., which has exclusive salvage rights to the wreck, and the Woods Hole (Mass.) Oceanographic Institution, according to a report in The Washington Post. The expedition will not collect artifacts, but will probe a 2-by-3-mile debris field where hundreds of thousands of artifacts remain scattered

"We believe there's still a number of really exciting mysteries to be discovered at the wreck site," said Chris Davino, president of and CEO of Premier Exhibitions and RMS Titanic. "It's our contention that substantial portions of the wreck site have never really been properly studied."

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