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New tourney brings anglers, conservationists together

Sportfishermen, scientists, conservationists, artists, tourists and the curious will gather this summer at the most eastern point on New York’s Long Island for a two-day fishing tournament — the first of its kind in Montauk.

“I’m very excited about this. It’s for sport, science and conservation,” Montauk Marine Basin owner Carl Darenberg said in a press release promoting the new event. “It’s been four years in the making.”

Shark’s Eye is the name of the tag-and-release tournament during which no sharks will be brought back to the dock. Instead, eligible mako, thresher and blue sharks will be fitted with technologically advanced satellite tracking tags, which will monitor their movements after release. Tagged sharks will be named by the anglers who catch them.

“Each time the dorsal fin breaks the surface, there is a ping which will be picked up via satellite,” Darenberg said.

The public will then be able to follow these fish online via the Ocearch Global Shark Tracker, a shark-tracking site and app provided free of charge to better understand the lives of these critical species.

“The best part is that school kids will be able to follow the sharks’ journey across the ocean. They’ll get a shark’s eye perspective,” Darenberg said.

For details on Shark’s Eye, contact Darenberg at or call (631) 668-5900.