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New video inside sunken Costa Concordia

Days before salvage workers attempt the historic task of refloating the marooned Costa Concordia, newly released video has revealed the ghostly world – frozen in time – deep inside the luxury cruise ship.

Italian police divers entering the 950 foot vessel, which wrecked on the rocky coast of the island of Giglio in 2012, have captured startling footage of shredded metal work and eerie staircases, shops and corridors, as well as drifting possessions and furniture.

The video is a snap shot of the panic struck last moments of the Costa Concordia as 4,200 passengers and crew fled and 32 drowned, while the holed ship tilted onto shallow rocks.

On Monday, salvage crews plan to float the ship, initially by just a few feet to check that the punctured hull does not shatter and spew out the debris contained inside.

Click here for the full report by The Telegraph newspaper, which posted the 8-minute video online.