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New website is resource for ‘commuter cruisers’

Combining the best of two different lifestyles is why commuter cruising is one of the fastest-growing segments of the cruising community. The last 10 years have seen an explosion in popularity as cruisers spend the cold winter months cruising warm tropical paradises, then leave the boat in paradise and return home during the more temperate months enjoying family, friends and changing seasons.

Other commuter cruisers might live a distance from their boats and go for mini-cruises ranging from long weekends to a month or more several times a year.

With more than 200 articles and three new articles added each week, addresses issues common to those leaving their boats, featuring practical advice and downloadable PDF checklists for Leaving the Boat for the Summer, Re-Commissioning the Boat When You Return and Leaving the Dock.

In addition, the site is chock-full of tips, techniques and real world info from commuter cruisers who have been there and done that; practical how to tips on topics that commuter cruisers Google regularly all complete with photos and step by step how-to advice; real world information on a variety of marinas and cruising grounds experienced by the authors, Jan and David Irons, during their 10,000 miles aboard from Annapolis to Cartagena, Columbia and return to Florida; and living aboard tips and techniques that work.