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New Yanmar diesel is better on fuel

Yanmar Marine USA says its new 6LY3A-ETP engine is ideal for repowers because of its high power-to-weight ratio and compact size.

Yanmar Marine USA says its new 6LY3A-ETP engine is ideal for repowers because of its high power-to-weight ratio and compact size. The company also says the electronically controlled diesel achieves significantly better fuel economy than a previous mechanical model.

“[It] allows you to put in a lot of power, take weight out of the boat, and get more space around the engine,” says Tom Watson, Yanmar Marine USA sales and marketing manager.

The turbocharged, intercooled in-line six-cylinder engine has four valves per cylinder and produces 480 hp at 3,000 rpm. “Dimensions are more those of a 300-hp engine, making it the most compact 480-hp diesel on the market,” according to information at www.yanmar

The 6LY3A-ETP has a mechanical fuel system, not common rail. Yanmar says the powerplant complies with Environmental Protection Agency Tier 2 emissions standards, and that its fuel delivery system not only improves fuel economy but also creates torque, reduces engine noise at idle speeds, and decreases smoke and fuel odor.

The 1,411-pound engine has a displacement of 5.8 liters and a two-stage mechanical fuel injector.

“We design our efficiency in the combustion chamber,” says Watson, who explains that components aren’t readily available at this time to handle a common-rail fuel system for an engine with such a high horsepower-to-displacement ratio. “That engine basically stacks up against competitors’ 9-liter and 10-liter engines as far as output.”

Its electronic control provides constant power regulation, and synchronizes engine speeds in twin and triple installations, according to Yanmar. The company says the engine communicates on the NMEA 2000 CANbus network, so everything but the ignition system runs off one cable. Information — such as engine speed, load, hours, battery voltage, coolant temperature, fuel usage rate, fuel level (with an optional fuel sensor), and boost and oil pressures — is shown on a multifunction LCD at the helm.

“Because we’ve adopted the NMEA 2000 standard, it allows us to integrate other components into our system,” says Watson, including multifunction color displays, and information from navigation systems, holding tanks, generators and more.

The 6LY3A-ETP now is in full production and is available for both repowers and new installations. Lower-horsepower versions will be available by the new year, Watson says. Retail price was unavailable.



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