News notes


Blaze in Hamburg Cove

A pair of boaters abandoned ship June 4 when their boat, a 24-foot Four Winns, caught fire while cruising through Hamburg Cove in Old Lyme, Conn.

“From what I understand, the owner of the boat was tying up to another boat when he figured something was wrong,” says Capt. Tom Kehlenbach of Sea Tow, the first responder to the scene. “The guy said he opened the hatch to the engine compartment and a ball of fire came out.”

That’s when the two passengers jumped onto the other boat, Kehlenbach says. On fire and not anchored or tied to a mooring, the Four Winns drifted into the shallows at the entrance to the cove.

Coast Guard officials from New London and numerous local fire and police departments were also called to the scene. No injuries were reported.

“When we got there, we found the owner and waited for the fire company to put out the fire,” Kehlenbach says. “Those guys did a great job. They really know what they’re doing. Then we pumped it out and towed the boat to the Between the Bridges Marina in Old Saybrook.”

Kehlenbach says the situation could have turned out worse than it did, “If the boat sank and started leaking oil into the Connecticut River."

— Jason Fell

Long Island Sound

protection bill passed

The Connecticut General Assembly unanimously passed an environmental initiative to protect Long Island Sound.

Senate Bill 637, An Act Concerning a Bi-State Long Island Sound Committee, states a formal Connecticut-New York partnership, ensuring that both states work in concert on Sound-wise initiatives to provide for the enjoyment and protection of the shared natural resource.

Prompted, in part, by threats like the proposed Broadwater Energy liquefied natural gas storage facility in the middle of the Sound, elected officials moved quickly to create a vehicle for joint legislative initiatives.

New York legislators are working on similar legislation and a June bi-state committee meeting was planned.

New marine art exhibit

showcases top artists

A special exhibition, “Small Works by Great Marine Painters,” will take place at the Lyme Art Association in Old Lyme, Conn., in its “Sea and Shore Exhibition,” opening July 29. The exhibit will be on display until Sept. 10. “Many of these small works, especially the sketches and preliminary studies, are not usually displayed. All of the works will be for sale, making this an important opportunity for collectors of marine art,” says Bob Potter, executive director of the Lyme Art Association.

Members of the American Society of Marine Artists include Don Demers, John Atwater, David Bareford, Marc Castelli, Loretta Krupinski, Len Tantillo, Dimitrious Athas and Charles Robinson. Lyme Art Association, (860) 434-7802.