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Nine-year-old boy breaks world fishing record

Nine-year-old Jack McCluskey, of Palm Beach, Fla., broke a world record last Friday with the last of the needed fish species to qualify for the youngest angler ever to achieve the Billfish Royal Slam.

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Last Saturday, McCluskey caught a White Marlin off the coast of Cap Cana in the Dominican Republic, a known hotbed for billfish species throughout most of the year. McCluskey took the title from previous record holder, 10-year-old Wes Davis.

According to Eric Combast, development director of the International Game Fish Association, headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., fewer than 20 people have accomplished the Royal Slam.

McCluskey, whose grandparents are Jack and Lilly Pulitzer, is no stranger to big-game fishing. He started fishing at age 3 and just a year ago he caught his first blue marlin in the Bahamas off his grandfather's 85-foot Mother ship named Sea Hunter. The Pulitzer family have fished the Bahamian Islands aboard the Sea Hunter for nearly 40 years.