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No April fool: Hooked shark lands in boat full of kids

A family cruising near WaihekeIsland in New Zealand got an unexpected visitor last week when a five-foot thresher shark leaped into their boat, according to The New Zealand Herald.

The husband and wife were in their powerboat with their children fishing and diving along with friends, who also brought their children. The mothers were in the water diving and the fathers and children were on the boat fishing, according to the report. When the skipper hooked the shark, it first went under the boat and then flew into the air using its thrashing tail.

Chaos ensued as the shark landed first on the angler’s lap and then into the boat next to his 5-year-old daughter. The kids started screaming and the two men killed the shark, according to the report. About 10 minutes later, the mothers returned to the boat, oblivious to what had just occurred.

“I was in a daze,” skipper Tony Page said of the experience. “I thought one of the kids was playing on my lap, but when I looked down there was a fin on it.”

— Elizabeth Ellis