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No boat, no life jacket

JUNE 22 — A Florida man who fell off his boat spent about four hours in the Atlantic Wednesday without a PFD before being rescued by a passing casino ship.

The man was fishing about 14 miles off BrevardCounty when he slipped and fell overboard at about 9:30 a.m., according to news reports. The boat, still in gear, continued without him.

“I was in the water for about four hours, I guess, floating, no life jacket. Dumb,” the man says in a news report. Nearly exhausted, he finally spotted the Ambassador II casino cruise ship heading directly toward him. He took off his pants and waved them above his head.

“I saw it coming right at me, and I was like, ‘Please don’t turn, and also don’t suck me under the screws underneath the cruise ship,’ ” the man says in a report.

“He was very lucky that the viewers [aboard the ship] were standing outside looking at the water, that they saw him floating,” a passenger says in a report.

The ship’s crew maneuvered the vessel near the man and lowered a rescue boat to him, news reports say. Once on the rescue boat, the crew pulled the man closer to cruise ship and hoisted him aboard.

“They saved my life,” the man says in a report.

Jason Fell