No day at the beach


Add the latest viral video to the list of odd news coming out of Russia, a land where apparently anything goes — even a massive hover craft landing on a beach full of sunbathers.

The bizarre video shows a 200-foot, 500-ton Russian navy Zubr craft gliding onto a beach with hundreds of people.

The footage was posted on YouTube Aug. 21 and was picked up by news outlets worldwide.

A spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry told local newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda that the hovercraft was on a tactical mission in an area that the military owned.

"Docking at the beach … is a normal event," a spokesman was quoted as saying. "What people were doing at the beach on the territory of a military [base] is unclear."

The spokesman also implied that the video was a case of mistaken depth perception and that the landing was actually made in Khmelevka, “several kilometers away” from the crowded beach in Mechnikovo, reported

Radio Free Europe reported on the incident and added a string of other unusual Russian videos, from tanks crossing highways to falling meteors.

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