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No 'floating rubbish' collection for Olympic sailing venue

A program has been halted to retrieve floating rubbish from the sailing venue of the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, according to Brazilian media.

A report in the newspaper O Globo comes just days after top International Olympic Committee officials ended week-long meetings in Rio, saying they had been "reassured" that severely polluted Guanabara Bay would be suitable for Olympic sailing when the games open.

O Globo said 10 rubbish collection boats were out of service because of a lack of funding from Rio's state government. It said that some barricades to keep household waste from reaching the bay also lacked funding.

The paper quoted Carlos Minc, the former secretary for the environment for the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Water quality has become a hot-button issue for Rio. Several Olympic-medal winning sailors have said it's the dirtiest place they have ever competed, citing incidents of dodging floating sofas, dead animals and plastic bags.

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