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‘No hassle’ cruising limits now come with insurance

Often the last question that boaters ask before departing on a long cruise to the Caribbean or Mexico is: will my insurance cover me? That's because the owner is usually focused on preparing the boat and tends to forget about the paperwork.

However, most boat insurance policies require an "extension" for traveling in areas beyond home waters. And sometimes, after waiting until the last minute, a boater finds that an extension will not be granted, or if it is, requires some additional action that can delay the departure date.

BoatUS has solved the problem with a new upfront, "no-hassle" cruising limit extension for popular cruising destinations that can be set up at the beginning of a boat's insurance policy. This one-time approval gives the boater the coverage they need, eliminates surprises and takes away the hassle of having to ask each year or pay for an extension every time they depart home waters.

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