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No landlubbers in site

NOV. 7 --On April 21 artist and sailor Reid Stowe, 55, and his girlfriend, Soanya Ahmad, 23, slipped their lines at New YorkHarbor and said goodbye to land to embark on a journey of 1,000 consecutive days at sea. Now, with 801 days left, they are one day away from surpassing the previous non-stop sailing record for a two-person crew: 200 days, according to a news release.

Stowe and Ahmad are now in the South Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Brazil, according to their Web site. They are traveling aboard Anne, a 70-foot wooden schooner that Stowe built in 1976 with help from his friends and family, according to an article published in the July issue of Soundings. Stowe hopes to sail a three-month course in the shape of a heart about 3,000 miles wide while in the South Atlantic.

He accomplished a similar feat with his ex-wife Laurence Guillem in 1999 when they reportedly sailed a course in the shape of a sea turtle.

Stowe, who spent the last 15 years planning for this cruise, and Ahmad work to be totally self-sufficient, catching rainwater in tarps and fishing. Their Web site includes a blog updated every few days giving his and her viewpoints on the journey, an online forum, and even merchandise commemorating the feat. If the couple succeeds, they will top the overall record for days spend at sea set by Australian Jon Sanders, who spent 657 days sailing around the world from 1986 to 1988.

— Elizabeth Ellis