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No-wake zone added in Connecticut

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection said boaters operating in eastern Connecticut should be aware that two large segments of the Mystic River are now “slow-no-wake” zones.

The newly expanded speed restrictions on the Mystic River were put in place as the result of legislation approved in the recent session of the General Assembly and signed into law by Gov. Dannel Malloy in July as Public Act 11-90.

In a “slow-no-wake” zone, a vessel can not exceed six miles per hour unless necessary when travelling with a current to maintain steering control. In this type of zone, vessels are not permitted to produce more than a minimum wake. Previous law governing the speed of boats on the Mystic River was less clear, making boater compliance difficult and hampering efforts to enforce speed limits.

The new speed restrictions on the Mystic River had the support of local government officials and numerous resident boaters. The new law is seen as a way to address dangerous conditions that have resulted from increased speeds and an increase in the number of boaters on the Mystic River.

Boaters with questions can contact Tim Delgado of the boating division at (860) 434-8638, or by e-mail a