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Nominations sought for boating access award

BoatU.S. is seeking nominations for its third annual Recreational Boating Access Award.

The award
recognizes individuals or groups who have succeeded in preserving or
improving public waterway access. BoatU.S. says waterfront residential
development, regulatory red tape, increased taxes, poor land-use
planning and more restrictive zoning are some of the factors
contributing to the decline of waterway access for recreational boats.

"The aim of this award is to recognize those advocates across the
U.S. who are succeeding in reversing this trend and to share those
efforts with others so that they may also be successful in improving
boating access," BoatU.S. president Nancy Michelman said in a statement.

Judges will look at four criteria:

  • challenges faced in retaining or increasing access in an area
  • the direct impact or measurable results of the solution
  • the level of success in increasing awareness of the importance of boating access to a community
  • "repeatability," the ability to use the successful approach as a model for other areas

Examples of solutions could include creative public-private
partnerships, changes in land-use planning or permitting processes, tax
incentives, legislation or public ballots, publicity or public
education. Eligible activities must have been undertaken in the last
three years.

The deadline for applications is Oct. 1, and winners will be announced by Oct. 31. Previous entrants are asked not to reapply.

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