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North Carolina set to increase registration fees

Boat registration fees are slated to rise in North Carolina as a new law takes effect Oct. 1.

For boats under 26 feet, the registration fee for one year will be $30, according to an NBC affiliate in North Carolina. For boats over 26 feet, the fee will be $50 a year.

The current fee is a flat rate, regardless of boat size: $15 for one year and $40 for three.

Another addition: Commercial vessels, which were previously exempt from paying boat fees, are now required to pay up.

“Men and women in North Carolina are trying to earn a living out of the water, and every bit of taxes and increase in fees that you put on them is a tremendous burden,” boat owner Justin Keith told the TV station.

Keith said boaters are mostly angry about the process the state government took to pass the law, putting it in the state's budget. He said the state kept the increases under the radar instead of being forthright and open about them and that many boaters are unaware of the law.

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