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Northeast canyons the focus of NOAA inquiry


NOAA is encouraging anglers in the northeast to submit input on possible permanent protections for three deep-sea canyons — Oceanographer, Gilbert and Lydonia — and four seamounts off of New England's coast.

Deep sea canyons, which plunge to depths greater than 7,000 feet, and sea mounts, which rise thousands of feet above the sea floor, create unique habitats supporting tremendous biodiversity and fragile ecosystems that are home to corals, fish, marine mammals, turtles and more.

To ensure that we protect these unique places for future generations while recognizing the importance of sustainable ocean-based economies, we are seeking input from all interested parties in the region. 

Anyone interested in submitting comments should direct them to

For questions, contact Allison Ferreira at NOAA’s regional office, at (978) 281-9103 or