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Noted yachtsman’s belongings to be auctioned

Some of the items turn-of-the-century millionaire yachtsman J. Pierpont Morgan kept aboard his steam yacht Corsair will be part of an auction May 1 in Boston.

Morgan's poker chips, Corsair china, cigar cutter and port glasses will be sold to the highest bidder at Boston Harbor Auctions.

Corsair became the flagship for the New York Yacht Club in 1897, in concurrence with the election of Morgan as Commodore. Onboard "Corsair", the icon of American finance and his world renowned guests ate from the two hundred pieces of this flagship china, his cigars were cut with the sterling silver Tiffany cigar cutter, his cognac was sipped from the crystal stemware and bets were made with these poker chips.

It was on Corsair that Morgan coined the phrase "if you have to ask, you can't afford it."

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