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Obscene luxury: a superyacht with a garage

CRN is the superyacht division of the Italian yacht manufacturer Ferretti Group.

CRN new custom 200-foot luxury yacht, named J'ade, features a built-in garage on its port side for the easy and dry docking of the yachts luxury tender.

Typically, tenders for megayachts are raised and lowered onto the deck of the yacht with onboard cranes.

J'ade is the first luxury yacht to feature an actual garage that floods, allowing a 26-foot powerboat to motor into the tender bay.

Once the smaller boat is secured, the flooded garage can be drained in just three minutes, reducing the weight the yacht's pair of massive 1500kW engines has to push around.

If you have to see it to believe it, check out this video report by Gizmodo.