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Ocean Rower Lia Ditton Survives a Terrifying Capsize in the Pacific

Lia Ditton still 2. Credit - Dylan Reeves

Rowing across oceans is no cakewalk, and for Lia Ditton it almost resulted in disaster.

On July 6, while attempting to row from San Francisco to Hawaii, Ditton’s boat capsized in the dark, plunging her into the water. She managed to right the boat and hoist herself back aboard, but her account of the experience reads like a scene out of a novel.

Ditton had spent her first month battling currents, winds and waves the size of buildings. On July 6, a rogue wave capsized her 21-foot boat. Ditton climbed onto the bottom of the boat and using all her strength rolled it back upright. Before capsizing she’d also had to cope with the devastating news that fellow rower Angela Madsen had died on June 22 during her own attempt to row to Hawaii.

You can read more about Ditton’s frightening capsize and follow her journey on her website.



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