Divers Solve 76-Year-Old Mystery


Divers from a United States expedition team on July 4 identified the remains of the D/S Octavian, a Norwegian freighter reported missing in 1942. The wreck lies 70 miles off Cape May, New Jersey.

Historians have for decades believed that the Octavian was sunk by German submarine U-203, citing deck logs recovered from the U-boat that indicate an unidentified ship was sunk on January 17, 1942 off Nova Scotia. So, if the Octavian was sunk off Nova Scotia, what is it doing off the coast of New Jersey?

Officials conclude that the Octavian was sunk by German submarine U-123, not U-203. According to logs from the U-123, the submarine would go on to sink four additional ships off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, and damage a fifth. You can read the whole story by clicking here