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Ode to a simple, sweet sailer

At 18 feet, Chough is about as small as what the British call “a proper yacht” can be. In this era of downsizing, she looks very appealing, according to a lovingly photographed report by the British magazine Classic Boat.

But the little yacht that could is a classic — built 1927 of varnished teak on grown oak, Chough took the magazine’s Concours d’Elegance Classic Boat prize at the last Cowes Classics nautical festival in the United Kingdom

The boat’s owners found Chough in a 2008 online search to replace the larger sailing yacht they owned. “We were going down to Dartmouth to look at a Folkboat,” explains Christine Hopkins, “and just before we left the house, I decided to check the internet in case there was anything else we should see while we were down that way. Up came Chough, lying in a shed in Brixham.”
For Christine, it was love at first sight. “I touched her lovely varnished hull and that was it!” More to the point, perhaps, this was the first boat out of dozens they’d looked at where Hoppy hadn’t promptly declared from as much as a hundred yards off: “You’re not having that!”

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