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Offshore Sailing School launches new Web site

Doris Colgate, CEO and President of Offshore Sailing School, announced the launch of a totally new Web site that brings together all the entities owned and managed by Steve and Doris Colgate.

"It has been over five years since we last did any radical changes to our Web sites," states Colgate. "With so many different products and locations, and ever-changing ways search engines allow these products to be found by consumers, it was time to tackle the big task of totally revamping our Internet presence."

The new site, according to Colgate, uses all the most current Web best practices in a totally new format. Working with Bayshore Solutions in Tampa, Florida, the Offshore Sailing School, Colgate Schools, Colgate 26, Offshore Sailing Club and Power Cruise sites now all reside in one location, "with truly beautiful templates wrapping each one."

Offshore Sailing School, founded in 1964 by Steve Colgate, started with one location and one boat in New York City - "well before computers and the Internet," says Colgate.