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Oil spill could complicate hurricane season

Tuesday marked the official start for the Atlantic hurricane season, which forecasters are predicting will be an active one. Compounding the situation is the Deepwater Horizon/BP oil rig accident and the growing oil slick continuing to spread across the Gulf of Mexico.

Before the first storm is named, winds from the southwest predicted for this week could drive oil towards the coasts of Mississippi and Alabama. Meanwhile BP will make yet another attempt this week to stop - or slow - the flow of oil from the seabed.

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Meanwhile, five years after Hurricane Katrina, residents of Louisiana are bracing themselves for the potentially disastrous combination of a busy hurricane season and oil polluting the state's delicate marshlands and fishing grounds.

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The first named Pacific storm of the season that started May 15, Tropical Storm Agatha, has already caused havoc in Guatemala, reportedly killing 150 people over the weekend.

About 110,000 people were evacuated from the country and about 95 percent of the country's roads have been affected by landslides, although most remain open. About 179 bridges have been damaged.

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