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Old habits die hard

A 45-year-old man from the TampaBay area found himself in hot water again, accused of stealing a boat two weeks after being released from a local correctional facility after serving two years on the same charge.

The boat and trailer were worth an estimated $68,000, according to local press reports, but the suspect claims he took the 23-foot fishing boat for the purpose of repairing it. He reportedly backed up his truck into the local dealership, hooked up the boat, and took off.

After admitting he had pulled the vessel out of the lot, the suspect told authorities that a man in a bar had told him to get the boat and do some maintenance work on it. He added that he suspected the man he spoke to wasn’t the real owner, but agreed to the deal because needed the money.

The boat was found reportedly undamaged behind the suspect’s shed, and he was charged with grand theft. The State Attorney’s Office is scheduled to consider the case Aug. 30.

-- Elizabeth Ellis